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Jubilee Money

On the territory of today's Montenegro coins were minted already in the 2nd century BC. Risan was the first town where Illyrian coins were minted. Roman and Byzantine money circulated in Prevalis. Later, medieval towns Bar, Ulcinj, Svač, Kotor and Budva continued to mint their own coins. In the 13th century, town Mojkovac minted "grossi de Brescoa." Finally, in the 14th century, the family Balšić minted eleven types of coins.

History of minting in Montenegro continued in 1851, following the meeting of Njegoš and banker Carl Rothschild. Njegoš started preparations for the official currency perun, which is named after the "supreme god" old Slavs. Unfortunately, the project failed, and the only remaining evidence of their plans is the imprint of perun in red wax.

Money of Principality of Montenegro

Minted in 2002
Occasion - Celebrating the first anniversary of the CBCG establishment

Minted in 2006
 - Celebrating the centenary jubilee of minting the first Montenegrin state coins

Prince Nikola continued with the idea launched by Njegoš and Rothschild. Montenegro, recognized as a sovereign and independent state, started issuing its own money initially as the Principality, and later as the Kingdom. Money is called perper (in Greek: hyperperos), which means "refined"

Gold coins of the Principality of Montenegro were minted in denominations of 10, 20 and 100 perpers.

Principality minted silver coins in denominations of one, two and five perpers.

One perper consisted of 100 paras. Paras are minted of nickel and copper and zinc alloy in denominations of one, two, 10 and 20 paras.

There were eight issues of coins of copper, nickel, silver and gold in total, and three issues of paper money. All the coins were minted in Vienna, but the one issue of silver coins minted in Paris. Paper money was issued in Cetinje, Prague and Paris. 

Money of the Kingdom of Montenegro

Minted in 2002
Occasion - Celebrating the first anniversary of the CBCG establishment

Also coins of Kingdom of Montenegro were minted of gold, silver, nickel and alloy of zinc and copper. Denominations of this coin were the same as in the Principality: 10, 20 and 100 perpers in gold, 1, 2 and 5 perpers in silver, 1, 2, 10 and 20 paras in nickel and copper and zinc alloy.

Price list:
(minting in 2002)

Collection of commemorative Montenegrin coins is established in accordance with the Decision on the establishment of collection of commemorative Montenegrin coins (OGM 45/02)

By clicking on the appropriate jubilee coin its picture is showed.

Collection of 3 gold coins – 2,615.00 EUR
Collection (gold coin of 20 perpers and silver coin of 2 perpers) - 479.00 EUR
Collection (gold coin of 10 perpers and silver coin of 1 perpers) - 264.00 EUR
Gold coin of 100 perpers - 1,987.00 EUR
Gold coin of 20 perpers - 419.00 EUR
Gold coins of 10 perpers - 223.00 EUR
Collection of 3 silver coins - 153.00 EUR
Collection of 3 silver coins and 4 alloys - 163.00 EUR
Silver coins of 5 perpers - 102.00 EUR
Silver coins of 2 perpers - 51.00 EUR
Silver coins of 1 perpers - 32.00 EUR
Collection of 8 alloys (1, 2, 10, 20 paras) - 6.00 EUR

Price list:
(minting in 2006)

By clicking on the appropriate jubilee coin its picture is showed.

Collection of 3 gold coins - 2,251.00 EUR
Collection (gold coin of 20 perpers and silver coin of 2 perpers) - 415.00 EUR
Collection (gold coin of 10 perpers and silver coin of 1 perper) - 230.00 EUR
Gold coin of 100 perpers - 1,712.00 EUR
Gold coin of 20 perpers - 361.00 EUR
Gold coin of 10 perpers - 198.00 EUR
Collection of 3 silver coins - 138.00 EUR
Collection of 3 silver coins and 4 alloys - 147.00 EUR
Silver coin of 5 perpers - 92.00 EUR
Silver coin of 2 perpers - 46.00 EUR
Silver coin of 1 perper - 31.00 EUR
Collection of 4 alloys (1, 2, 10, 20 paras) - 12.00 EUR

Jubilee gold and silver coins - 2016

Occasion - Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the restoration of Montenegro's independence

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the restoration of Montenegro's independence and the return of the status of independent and internationally recognized state, the Central Bank of Montenegro issued jubilee gold and silver coins, with the symbols and insignia dedicated to this, certainly the most important event in the modern history of Montenegro.

Jubilee collection of gold and silver coins was established in accordance with the Decision on the use, separating and packaging jubilee gold and silver coins (OGM 31/16).

By clicking on the appropriate jubilee coin its picture is showed.

Price list:

Gold coin of 10 perpers - 484.00 EUR
Silver coin of 1 perper - 66.00 EUR
Set (gold coin of 10 perpers and silver coin of 1 perper) - 534.00 EUR















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