Operations on behalf of the Republic



The Central Bank performs services for the account of the Republic (Ministry of Finance) relating to government's money and services related to public debt in accordance with the law.  In connection with that, the Central Bank:

1.      Upon the order of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank establishes banking accounts required for banking operations. The Central Bank must give prior advice to the Ministry in accordance with the data on adequacy of funds held at its accounts for the purpose of covering the planed expenses and foresees the daily volume of transactions with the state money, in cooperation with the Treasury of the Ministry.  The Central Bank must supply to the Ministry daily notices and daily statements on transactions made  

2.      As a fiscal agent, the Central Bank:

   3.     Services related to the public debt include:  

The Central Bank is obliged, upon the Government’s request, to give advice on all issues with respect to the debt management strategy.