Nikola Fabris


Chief Economist of the Central Bank



Nikola Fabris was born on 21 March 1971 in Budva and has Montenegrin nationality. After completing his elementary education in Budva and grammar school in Belgrade, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade in 1994. He obtained an MA in Economics in 1998, and a PhD in Economics in 2002, both from the same institution. 

Mr Fabris, who speaks English, participated in a seminar in Salzburg on “Economics, Diplomacy, and Security”. He completed very significant specializations in 2003 – a series of courses organized by the FNEGE foundation (Split, Belgrade, Bucharest). He worked as an executive or a member of a project team on over 30 macroeconomic projects for relevant Ministries, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Federal Government, and international institutions (the World Bank, GTZ, UK DFID, CIPE, European Agency for Reconstruction, FIAS, and so on). He was also engaged by several renowned international consulting houses such as Deloitte and Touche, PE International, Euro Consulting Group, Barenshot International Solutions, to name but a few.

He has published over 30 publications in the field of economic policy, financial systems, transition, foreign direct investments, etc. He is the author or co-author of four books in the field of economics. He is married with one child.


The Council of the Central Bank of Montenegro appointed him Chief Economist of the Central Bank of Montenegro on 31 January 2004. 

Prethodno radno angažovanje:

2002. Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade
1995. Visiting professor at: the Military Academy of the Yugoslav Army, Management College «Braća Karić», Faculty of business in service sector, Faculty of Management, Doboj Belgrade Open School, Alternative Academic Network, etc.
1995. Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, started as an assistant student teacher. Subjects: Development and Modern Economic Thought, Macroeconomics, and Theory of Economic Policy
1994. Economic Institute Belgrade, Researcher - assistant