under Open International Competitive Bidding

for the Collection of Bids for the Supply of New Information System

to Support the Execution of Enforced Collection 



The Subject of the Bidding


The subject of the bidding is the supply of new information system to support the execution of enforced collection against monetary funds of debtor in accordance with the Law on Executive Procedure. The supply will include:

-        Delivery and installation of hardware and software;

-        Implementation of the accepted solution, which implies:

§         Project implementation plan;

§         System testing in the Central Bank of Montenegro, as well as in the interaction with participants in the RTGS and DNS;

§         Training of employees of the Central Bank and participants in RTGS and DNS;

§         Migration (transition) of data from existing information system.


Right to Participate


Bids may be submitted by legal entities registered for the conduct of activities referred to in the Invitation.


Bid Contents


A bid should include:

§         Bidder's exact name and address.

§         Subcontractor's exact name and head-office (in case the bidder intends to entrust the execution of the subject matter of the bid, wholly or partially, to a subcontractor).

§         Individual and total prices expressed in EUR (premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro).

§         Place of delivery, installation, implementation, testing and training will be the premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro: in Bulever Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 6, Podgorica; in Novaka Miloseva bb, Podgorica; and in Vladimira Rolovica b.b., Bar.

§         Functional characteristics of the offered solution in accordance with the specified functional requirements.

§         Technical characteristics of the offered solution in accordance with the specified technical requirements.

§         Technical specification of the offered hardware.

§         Detailed project implementation plan.

§         Delivery period, conditions and method of payment in accordance with project implementation plan.

§         Warranty period for the offered equipment and software, as well as the warranty terms and conditions.

§         Conditions of maintenance and support during the warranty and post-warranty period, for the total period of 3 years.

§         Bidder's references for the last 3 years in the design and implementation of information systems.

§         Qualifications of bidder's staff.

§         Evidence of compliance with requirements from Article 4 of the Law on Public Procurement (PJN 4 Mandatory Evidence).

§         Bid guarantee for 3% of the bid price.


All the offered equipment must be BRAND NAME.


Bid validity period must be 120 days from the bid opening date.


The tender documents may be obtained in the premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 6, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro, the room no. 6 (mail room) in the ground floor, during the period of the Invitation, every working day, from 1000-1500 hours, against presentation of proof of payment of EUR 200.00 to the settlement account of the Central Bank of Montenegro Acc. No. 907000000009200182, with an indication of the purpose of payment (the purchase of tender documents).


The bid must be complete with respect to all items specified in the tender documents.


The bid may be submitted in several variants.


Evaluation Criteria


The evaluation criteria are the following:






Functional and technical characteristics of the offered solution and its compliance with the tender requirements



Implementation period



Terms of maintenance and support during the warranty and post-warranty periods for the total period of three years






Bidder's professional qualifications and references



Method of payment



Bids must be prepared in the official language of the Republic of Montenegro and submitted in original and three (3) copies.


Bidders' authorized representatives my review the organization of work and execution of duties related to enforced collection and inform themselves about the manner of operation of the existing information system for enforced collection, in the period of the Invitation, every working day, from 1100-1500 hours, in the Central Bank premises.


Bid Submission and Opening


Bids may be submitted until January 20, 2006 at 15:00 h, in person to the mail room of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 6, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro or by registered mail in sealed envelopes, with the indication of the relevant Invitation to Bids and the words “Do Not Open Before Formal Meeting of Bid Opening Commission”.


The bid opening will be public and will take place on January 23, 2006, at 13:00 h in the premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro.


The persons attending the public bid opening must present their written authorizations to the Bid Opening Commission prior to the beginning of the meeting.


Untimely bids will not be opened and incomplete bids will not be considered.


Contract Award


Contract will be signed with the most favorable bidder.


Bidders will be notified of the outcome of the public tender after the most favorable bid has been selected.


The selected bidder is obliged to provide the performance guarantee in the form of a bank guarantee for 10% of the contract amount within 7 days after the day of receipt of such notification.


Additional Information and Clarification


Potential bidders may ask for additional information about the requirements related to bids to be submitted under this invitation, by sending a letter to the above mentioned address or to the e-mail: [email protected]


Contact person:         Dragan Gojković,

tel: +381 403 214, fax: +381 665 359

e-mail: [email protected]