for leasing the premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro (ZOP)

in Podgorica





I.                     The subject of the bidding is letting on lease, wholly or partially, the business premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro located in Podgorica, exclusively for the purposes of conducting banking operations and payment operations.


A) Podgorica Branch


The business premises are located in the office building in Novaka Miloseva bb, Podgorica. They cover the area of 1,571.81m² and include:

-         basement of 800.41 m², with a daily and overnight vault and a garage,

-         ground floor of 588.38 m² with a counter room with 23 counters and 4 offices, and

-         the first floor of 183.02 m² with 10 counters and 2 offices.


            B) Podgorica Sub-branch


The business premises are located in the office building in Krusevac Business Center at Cetinjski Put bb, in the basement, at the area of 206.42 m².  They include a counter room with 13 counters, 2 offices and a vault.


The premises are equipped with office furniture and computers, while the counter rooms and vaults also have alarm systems and other equipment that ensure high efficiency and security in performing banking operations and payment services.


Totally 94 employees are working on the payment operation tasks.


II.                   Bids for taking on lease any of the specified premises may be submitted by banks licensed by the Central Bank of Montenegro.


III.                  The initial cost of lease per square meter is:

-         for Podgorica Branch - EUR 18.00 per month

-         for Podgorica Sub-branch - EUR 18.00 per month


The lease of equipment shall be negotiated separately with the selected bidder.



IV.               A bid should include:

1.      bidder’s exact name and address,

2.      letter of intention showing that the bank will perform payment services in the leased premises,

3.      area, i.e., specification of the premises, if the bidder decides to take on lease part of the offered premises,

4.      offered rent per square meter, expressed in EUR,

5.      number of employees to be taken over from the Central Bank of Montenegro – Payment Operations Department, on a full-time basis.


If a bid is submitted for the premises at both the locations, the data required under the points 3, 4 and 5 above should be given for each of them individually.


V.                 Bids may be submitted until August 22, 2003 at 15:00 p.m., by mail to the following address: Central Bank of Montenegro, Nemanjina Obala 7, Podgorica or in person to the Central Bank Archives Section, room no. 6, in sealed envelopes, with the indication: “Invitation to Bid No. 012 - Do Not Open before Formal Meeting of Bid Evaluation Commission”.


VI.               The bid opening will be public and will take place on August 25, 2003 at 12:00 (noon), in the offices of the Central Bank of Montenegro. The public bid opening may be attended by bidders’ authorized representatives.


VII.              The evaluation criteria per each of the premises individually will be:

1.      the highest offered rent per square meter,

2.      number of employees to be taken over from the Central Bank of Montenegro – Payment Operations Department,

3.      area of the premises to be taken on lease.


If more than 2 employees per counter are to be accepted, the offered rent may be decreased by up to 50%.


VIII.            Lease contract will be awarded to the selected bidder for an indefinite period.  Bidders will be notified on the outcome of the bidding in writing.


IX.               Additional information may be obtained from the following contact persons:

-         Olga Markovic (tel. 081/230-351)

-         Djuro Radonjic (tel. 081/230-063)