Republic Institutions

Government of the Republic of Montenegro
Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro
Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Montenegro
Republic Secretariat for Development
Republic Secretariat for Information
Department of Public Revenues of Montenegro
Republic Privatization Council
Economic Chamber of Montenegro
Central Register of Commercial Court of Montenegro
Banks in Montenegro
NLB Montenrgrobanka AD Podgorica
Hipotekarna banka AD Podgorica
Podgorička banka AD Podgorica
Ekos banka AD Podgorica
Opportunity bank AD Podgorica
Montenegrin Commercial bank AD Podgorica
Atlasmont bank AD Podgorica
Capital Market
Montenegro Brokers’ Association
Central Banks
Bank of England
Bank of France
Bank of Slovenia
Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
European Central Bank
Federal Reserves
Croatian National Bank
National Bank of Serbia
National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
International Financial Institutions
World bank
Other Useful Links
Center for Banking, Finance and International Economics
Montenegrin Auditors and Accountants Association
Montenegro Development Fund
Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro